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Plant a tree to help us breathe... Buildings, buildings everywhere and no fresh air to breathe... Plant more trees, make environment pollution free... Save trees now, they will save us in future... Trees give good look, don't destroy them from earth book... Save a tree to help us breathe... Plant trees in your neighbourhood
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18-12-2020Single use plastic choking our planet - Article by Anuj.K.Verma
18-11-2020Save Our Water Bodies Part 2 By Anuj K. Verma
17-11-2020Save Our Water Bodies Part 1 By Anuj K. Verma
20-10-2020People"s responsibility is imperative to save environment - By Anuj.K.Verma
03-08-202003-08-2020 -> Unscheduleed and excessive sprays of checmicals in agricultural fields... Time to Act... By Anuj.K.Verma
09-07-2020Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat - Article by by Mr. Anuj K Verma
14-06-2020"World Environment Day 2020 - Challenges" by Anuj K Verma
09-04-2020COVID19 - Dedication and Sense of Responsibility Vs Stress, Panic and Fear Psychosis!
19-12-2019"Tolerance and Responsibility in Society" by Anuj k Verma
18-02-2020The bee has been declared the most important living being on the planet
01-04-2020Its never too late to Mend! By Anuj Kumar Verma
11-01-2020Paris has increased bike use by 54% in just one year
11-01-2020The story of microfibres
01-04-2020Time to Act, Time to Change By Anuj Kumar Verma
11-01-2020Leonardo DiCaprio"s moving speech on climate change
11-01-2020Greta Thunberg: At Davos we will tell world leaders to abandon the fossil fuel economy
12-12-2019Do we need to learn tolerance and be more responsible as part of a civic society
12-12-2019Human Rights Day - a local perspective
10-12-2019MSW 2016 still not being implemented in Jammu
10-12-2019This happens every year in agricultural fields of Punjab haryana and jk
10-12-2019True salute to this great legend
10-12-2019Present Apathy and a casual approach adoped by babus, policy makers in handling air pollution
10-12-2019Truth about chemical pesticides and fertiliers
10-12-2019Reality of "Bottled/ Packaged" water. This so called "Mineral Water" is not good for health and is, also, a major source of "Single Use Plastic Bottles" pollution!
10-12-2019Shrinking Land, Diminishing Returns
10-12-2019This is, indeed, a very good and simple method for rain water harvesting.
10-12-2019Dumping Plastic waste in asia found destroying crops and health
01-12-2019Is food we consume safe?
18-10-2019Indian consumers still unaware...
18-10-2019How do you know your organic food is really organic? | Deccan Herald
18-10-2019We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves to exist in this new environment...
18-10-2019Our earth is fastly becoming a big sludge of garbage...
18-10-2019Make no mistake: Agriculture alone has the potential to reboot the economy...
18-10-2019The govt need to ponder upon this serious issue urgently...
18-10-2019Biiter truth!!! But unfortunately, we still are far away from Govt ban on single use plastic...
18-10-2019Do companies like Coca cola have different standards for US and India...
18-10-2019Burning of Crop Residues (Subtle)
18-10-2019World Economic Forum on Instagram : Natural Air Conditioning
18-10-2019Where have the domestic sparrows gone...
16-06-2019Over 100 cases of cancer disease reported in past five years in Samba district of J&K
16-06-2019Cancer patients increasing, every year, in Samba district.
07-06-2019GST evaders are averse to growth of J&K & its residents : Sahib aggarwal
07-06-2019Food safety is a fundamental right of every consumer
06-06-2019People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study finds
05-06-2019We the human deman action plan on climate change mitigation - Press clippings
05-06-2019We the human deman action plan on climate change mitigation
04-06-2019Ruthless towards nature
02-06-2019KNS news We The Human for ban on single use plastic soft drinks, packaged water bottles in J&K
05-04-2019NGT makes polluters pay nearly double so far this year than whole of 2018
30-03-2019Ensure fruits are not artificially ripened with chemicals, food regulator tells states
05-04-2019Horticulture & Pesticides
27-03-2019Victory of We The Human team. Our vigorous campaign, launched in this regard, stands vindicated.
08-03-2019Use of Single Use Water Bottles has been banned in Government Offices
20-01-2019What is the insecticide chlorpyriphos
19-01-2019We the human for ban on all highly hazardous toxic chemical pesticides and glyphosate
17-01-20196 reasons why India has failed to solve the riddle of agriculture marketing
16-01-2019This organic farmer used Azolla and increased paddy yield by 30-40%
04-01-2019Human apathy and careless approach towards our water bodies
31-12-2018A big salute to Ms Pooja Gupta for taking initiative in providing healthy and safe food to J&K consumers
28-12-2018The govt should intervene - purchase of onions and potatoes
20-12-2018Junk food ups depression risk
19-12-2018Mission possible : Turning a waste land into a forest with a bank of traditional seeds
19-12-2018Pesticide that killed karnataka devotees had a sordid record in India
19-12-2018The real weed - by down to earth
31-12-2018Newsletter released, Shilpa Mahajan declared a role model for women in J&K
18-12-20184000 kg of polythene confiscated by the sales tax department
18-12-2018Addl Comm Finance department leads surprise raid in clinic of a practising Doctor in Jammu
16-12-2018Why private hospitals make you buy costly drugs
12-12-2018Illegal polythene transportation killing kashmir ecology
11-12-2018MC Udhampur violating SWM Rules 2016, Solid waste burnt, dumped in Tawi
01-12-2018NGT slaps 5 cr penalty on SIDCO for pollution in Basantar river
01-12-2018Public trust forum we the human concerned over increasing kidney, cancer cases in J&K; appeals to Guv Malik
25-11-2018Are the enforcement agencies ignorant or careless or not acting due to some reasons, best known to them
25-11-2018and Food safety organisation in deep slumber; perhaps do not have willpower to act
05-11-2018Adulteration bribes and state patronage - by daily excelsior
16-11-2018For God Sake, change habit of drinking water from plastic packaged water bottles, instead carry drinking water in high grade Steel or Copper bottles.
27-10-2018Article in Precious Kashmir about Food Adulteration Seminar
06-11-2018Open Cheating under nose of CAPD, Legal Metrology, Food Safety Organization and Local Bodies Departments!
08-10-2018Press conference on adulteration and use of toxic chemicals in milk and food products
06-11-2018Press Clippings of Time Bomb of food in polythene/ plastics simmering, to explode with serious diseases including cancer, in J&K
06-11-2018Time Bomb of food in polythene/ plastics simmering, to explode with serious diseases including cancer, in J&K: We The Human
06-11-2018Poison being mixed in milk & milk products being sold to Indian citizens under garb of FSSAI rules
08-10-2018Milk Adulteration...... Situation is also grim in our state, as stated in below given report, as published by the Economic Times, the National English Newspaper