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  • I take privilege to introduce “We The Human” as a public charitable trust registered on 13th Feb 2018, under Indian Trust Registration Act 1882, presently functioning from its registered office at #15/01, Ground Floor, Punjab National Bank Building, (Road Opp Jammu Darbar) Channi Himmat, Jammu Pin Code: - 180015 Jammu & Kashmir, e-mail:, Web:
  • Main focus of the trust is to work for generating awareness & taking up activities for restoration of degraded human values and damages caused to our environment because of unsustainable growth & development as well as due to side effects of “Green Revolution”, witnessed by all of us, during last three - four decades. Ecological balance of soil of earth is badly disturbed due to excessive use of toxic & synthetic chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides which have contaminated our water bodies, as well.
  • Perhaps, many among us are not aware about Abohar-Jodhpur passenger train which is named by locals as Cancer Train, running between Bathinda and Bikaner, daily, Patients undergo almost free of cost treatment at the Acharya Tulsi Regional Cancer Treatment and Research Centre (RCC) Bikaner. Punjab’s Malwa region’s (the state’s cotton belt) areas viz., Bathinda, Faridkot, Moga, Muktsar, Ferozepur, Sangrur & Mansa known together as the Malwa region, farmers and families including infants here are grappling with cancer and other serious health problems that have crept into their homes through the backdoor as the farmers of India’s grain bowl fed the nation.  Many members of these farmers’ families died of cancer in the past decade and thousands of others are under treatment. Experts say this “cancer train” symbolizes the adverse impact of the “Green Revolution” on public health in Punjab. The lush fields in this region hide a scary tale; Farmers live in a disturbing cesspool of toxicity, as a result of excessive and unregulated use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Reportedly, Punjab farmers’ use of pesticides is approximately 923 g/ha, way above the national average of 570 g/ha (grams per hectare). Same situation is going to happen in our state as well; since a number of varieties of vegetables are being produced in agricultural farms near river banks, by having heavy sprays of toxic & synthetic chemical insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators directly on vegetables crop. The same vegetables, with chemical residues, are consumed by locals as well as exported to outside state. People of J&K are witness of upsurge in cancer patients in the state, at an alarming level, during last five to seven years. “We The Human” team has launched an initiative to generate awareness among people, agricultural farmers as well as government authorities about health hazards as well as harm to earth soil due to heavy sprays of toxic & synthetic chemicals directly on the crop. A delegation comprising of “We The Human” founder members met Sh. Raj Nath Singh Union Home Minister at his residence in New Delhi on 25th December 2017and submitted a memorandum, on this as well as other similar serious issues.
  • Similarly, Indian society is, today, passing through a transit period from illiteracy, fanaticism, caste/ religion based policies, gender based discrimination, unemployment and old values to a new, modern India. Crime against women, female foeticides, child abuse, unemployment, communal hatred & religion based conflicts, land mafias, conversion of agricultural land into residential colonies, terrorist activities, migration of local population to urban or semi urban areas out of fear or in search of better employment avenues, increase in diseases due to sedentary life styles, mental health, insufficient health facilities, insufficient supply of clean drinking water, insufficient irrigation facilities, organized street beggars are few among other trouble areas in present India, “We The Human” have decided to take up simultaneously.
  • A major challenge recently emerged before humanity in our state as well as India, is about disposal of bio-degradable as well as non bio-degradable garbage and bio medical wastes. Recently a three-Judge Bench comprising Justices Madan B Lokur, Kurian Joseph and Deepak Gupta of Supreme Court of India had asked Additional Solicitor General A. N. S Nadkarni, representing GoI, “Are the centre, states and UT governments in India waiting for the atom bomb of garbage to explode?” There is not only need for governments in states & UTs to take concrete measures, but also for the common public to change its mindsets about disposal of household as well as other garbage/ waste. For that, we have taken an initiative, in J&K, by launching aggressive campaign on this issue.
  • Our few founder members, with the help of few senior newspaper journalists, have been successful in stopping practice of using carcinogenic calcium carbide for artificial ripening of fruits like papaya, mangoes and banana in Fruit & Vegetable Markets Narwal Jammu and Parimpora Srinagar by raking up this sensitive issue and putting pressure on traders as well as the concerned government authorities with intervention of J&K High Court, by filing a Public Litigation Interest petition to this effect.
  • Our trust has a large number of members from different sections of society including businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats, educationists, bureaucrats, advocates, journalists, photographers, social & peace workers. Apart from this, we believe in maintaining good liaison with Panchayat members and people in rural areas. We provide and arrange for platforms/ forums, where stake holders of agriculture sectors are invited for workshop cum practical demonstration of composting/ integrated & sustainable system of farming, by resource persons/ demonstrators as well as senior functionaries of the government and environment activists.
  • Apart from this, one sixteen to twenty pages newsletter on "Nature & Humanity" is being released, every month, which is used as IEC material, apart from other such material, and are being circulated, free of cost, among our members, participants in events/ workshops organized by “We The Human” and other institutions like Universities, Colleges, Airports within the state and foreign embassies’ offices, located in New Delhi. Awards of honor are distributed, by “We The Human” among those having achievements & exemplary contributions for environment and social/ human cause.
  • We seek your valuable support into this noble endeavor initiated by a group of likeminded & selfless people, dedicated purely towards nature and mankind.


  • Soliciting your help and guidance

  • With Regards
    (Sh. Ram Saroop Gupta)