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Though in past, the trust distributed school bags, notebooks among poor families children & held free medical camps with free distribution of medicines in far flung areas, but it never got involved into relief distribution activities. During current COVID19 Pandemic, as if a signal from Almighty, Mrs. Pooja Gupta, leading woman entrepreneur of J&K owning Himalayan Bio Organic Pvt Ltd having famous NIMBARK brand of household goods a sister concern of leading rice exporters Sarveshwar Rice, contacted office bearers of the trust, during March 2020 and asked them to start distribution of ration items to families in distress. Mrs Pooja Gupta also informed them about her commitment to make available between 20-30 quintals of ration items as well as partial funding for manufacturing of reusable clothes facemasks from her side. The matter was deliberated upon by K Y S Manhas Chairman, Capt Lalit Sharma Vice Chairman, S. Prem Singh Chief Spokesman and other functionaries of the trust, telephonically, and a decision was taken in this regard. S. Prem Singh and S. Ajab Singh Executive Membere spared space in their homes to store the ration. S. Sukhdev Singh and S. Ajab Singh Executive Member of the trust took responsibility for collection, purchase and distribution of the relief under supervision of Organising Secretary of the trust. Organising Secretary started doing overall coordination of the relief activities. Funds were raised, immediately, by members of the trust, out of their own pockets.

Now, the problem was to identify families in distress. A telephonic request was made to SSP Jammu Sridhar Patil IPS to extend support in this regard. SSP Jammu gave a quick response and appointed a nodal officer in his office Inspector Raghubir Singh to provide all sort of liasioning & rapport with local Police Officers for identification of poor families & distribution of free ration to needy them under proper social distancing. With help and support from Office of SSP Jammu and it's members, We The Human has distributed more than 125 quintals of free ration among more than 1500 families; Generally, each ration kit comprised of 5 kg wheat flour or 4 kg rice, one bottle of Mustard Oil, one Kg Dal, Salt, Turmeric, Red Pepper Powder, toilet soap, face mask and sometimes sanitary pads, too. Free ration was distributed among families in Jallochack, Subash Nagar, Rajpura, Phallan Mandal, Sainik Colony, Gangyal, Beli Charana, Lower Roop Nagar, Kaluchack, Munshi Chack, Peerkhoh, Bhatindi, Gujjar Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Jeevan Nagar, Mia Bagh, Babilina, Sohanjana, Gangyal, Janipur, Gole Gujral, Chani Mansar, Udhampur and Kathua. Usually, during distribution of free ration items among families in distress, local Police Officers with their teams of police personnel were present. Packing of material was done with utmost care, taking all precautions. Packing of material was done in stores of NIMBARK and houses of S Prem Singh and S Ajab Singh. S. Prem Singh, S. Ajab Singh alongwith other volunteers viz., Malkiyat Singh, Vishavjit Singh, Parminder Singh, Pawandeep Singh did packing of kits in their houses.

Retd Principal District & Session Judge K Y S Manhas Chairman of the public charitable trust has extended gratitude to the donor members of the trust and the Sarveshwar Group, who taking this Pandemic as a signal from the Almighty, came together to help poor people in distress. K. Y. S. Manhas assures full support, on behalf of the trust, to the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi and Lt Governor Sh. G C Murmu in this catastrophic situation.

Mrs. Pooja Gupta, founder member of the trust and owner of Himalayan Bio Organic Pvt Ltd having the NIMBARK household name, on behalf of NIMBARK and Sarveshwar Foods assured full support to the poor people stuck up within their houses or hutments due to the lockdown which is extended. She has exhorted people to stay inside their houses and be part of the war waged by our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi to make India free of COVID19. Smt. Pooja Gupta has requested the trust functionaries to procure or manufacture 7000 masks for free distribution among poor families, for which partial funding shall be done by NIMBARK. The trust has already started process for procuring reusable masks and also to get the same manufactured by self help group ladies.

Dr. Parvini Sharma, Mehar Fatima and Preeti Parihar are preparing and uploading useful information/ videos about various aspects of of COVID19 on social media including YouTube Channel.

After the unlock, it was decided to stop distribution of ration and, instead, start distributing COVID-19 Hygiene Kits comprising alcohol based sanitizers, soaps, reusable clothes facemasks among poor people, elders and sanitation workers, who due to poverty or meagre source of income, were not in a position to purchase these items. As part of relentless efforts, being made to stop spread of COVID-19 virus, decision was taken to help vunerables including Sanitation Workers, poor people and elders by providing them with sanitizers, disinfectant soaps, detergent soaps and reusable clothes facemasks in plenty. If they are safe the whole society shall be safe.

On 18th May, 2020, "We The Human" launched COVID 19 Hygiene Program from office of SSP Jammu through SSP Sridhar Patil IPS. Under COVID 19 Hygiene Program, "We The Human Forum for Nature and Mankind" has set up target for distributing more than 2000 COVID 19 Hygiene Kits to poor people in slums and rural areas apart from generating awareness among them about safety measures to be taken to avoid getting affected by COVID 19 infection. Half the target is already achieved. Each COVID 19 Hygiene kit comprises of one alcohol based sanitizer, one disinfecting liquid soap alongwith dispenser, two disinfecting soap cakes, 6 detergent soaps, 2-3 high quality resuable clothes facemask, one ORS sachet. Donors like Mrs. Pooja Gupta from Sarveshwar Foods Nimbark, Mr. Rajan Vohra from Edura Pharmaceutical New Delhi, Mr. Sanjay Mehra from Naturis Cosmetics Pvt Ltd Jammu, Sh. Rajesh Gupta Senior Vice President CCI Jammu, Mr. Harvinder verma a senior exexutive in leading pharmaceutical company and other few noble persons have extended required help to start the COVID 19 Hygiene program. Retd. Principal District & Session Judge K Y S Manhas, Chairman of We The Human, assures full support, on behalf of the trust, to public of J&K UT, the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi and Lt Governor Sh. G C Murmu in this catastrophic situation.
Mr. Rajan Vohra from Edura Pharmaceutical New Delhi has continued to donate sanitisers, facemasks, liquid soaps, ORS sachet, face protection screen to "We The Human" to supplement our COVID-19 Hygiene Program.